Creator of the Property Playbook for Real Estate Investing.

I’ve build the playbook and have assembled a group of industry professionals that work with you to find, purchase and rehab abandoned and unwanted houses. By collaborating with our clients throughout the renovation, we can turn these run down houses into beautiful homes of distinction.

Below is a general overview of what we do here at Pathway.


Finding abandoned and unwanted houses is a skill. It’s also one of the keys for our success. We work with several realtors and wholesalers to help us locate properties that fit our criteria.


We have a group of experienced investors that not only purchase our houses for the Pathway Partner Program, but they also fund the entire renovation. For their generosity, we’ll pay them a percentage of the overall project once the house closes and our clients take ownership.


The design and construction crew at Pathway is a team of talented workers that help with the entire project from demo-day to the final walk-through. Our team will work fast and be productive, yet precise paying close attention to every detail. Our clients play a small role in the overall process according to their skill and comfort levels. Our motto around the job site is “ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

Our team consist of the following:

+ Mortgage Lenders
+ Budget Counselors
+ Debt Reduction Specialists
+ Credit Repair Specialists
+ Real Estate Investors
+ Architectural Designers
+ Interior Designers
+ General Contractors
+ Electricians
+ Plumbers
+ Heating & Air Specialists
+ Carpenters
+ Property Managers
+ Inspectors
+ Appraisers