Do you want to purchase a home, but don’t have the money for the down payment?

Don’t sweat it… This seems to be a major issue for many people that want to be homeowners. I was trying to develop a strategy to help people purchase a home when I recognized a common issue that kept popping up for almost every couple I interviewed. The couples I had the pleasure of talking with had steady income, great employment history, above average credit scores and little to no debt. The main reason why these couples couldn’t purchase a home is because they didn’t have enough money saved up for the down payment and/or closing cost.

*Typical down payment and closing cost is 7% of the value of the home.

Partner with me and my team by assisting with the renovation and we’ll help you earn the money to put toward your closing cost. Basically you’re trading sweat equity for your down payment. Each house we renovate has 100’s of tasks. Some much easier than others of course, but with a little guidance and some help you can participate in the renovation of your home.

The benefits of the Reverse Flip program:

  1. You get to select your home from our inventory.
  2. You get to participate in the renovation of your home.
  3. You get to help select the interior and exterior paint colors.
  4. You get to choose the kitchen cabinets and countertops.
  5. You get to choose the flooring and bathroom tile.
  6. You get to choose the ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  7. And much, much, more!