Do you want to sell your house for top dollar, but can’t because it needs updated?

Partner with me on the sale of your home and pay for the renovation cost when the house sells.

You may be asking yourself how can he do this? Let me give you a short explanation.

First it should be noted that you will continue to own the property until it sells. My team and I will handle the design, the renovation and the sale of your home. We’ll renovate your home utilizing industry standards and meeting all local code regulations while updating the appearance with the latest design trends that mosts homebuyers are seeking when purchasing a home.

To get started we’ll determine an agreed value of your property prior to renovation. At the closing table you’ll receive payment for the agreed purchase price and my team and I will be reimbursed the money that was spent on the renovation. Whatever is left over we’ll split 50-50 creating a win-win situation for everyone.


Pathway Revive Flip Example
No Renovation
After Renovation
Home Selling Price $200,000 $300,000
Closing/Misc. Cost (7%) $14,000 $21,000
Agreed Renovation Budget $35,000
Net Sales Price $186,000 $244,000
Agreed Home Value Prior to Renovation $200,000
Total Profit After Renovation $44,000
Final Payout (50-50 Split) $22,000
Homeowner Settlement Payment $186,000 $222,000
Additional Profit to Homeowner $0 $36,000